UK Skill Visa

If you're a skilled and experienced worker looking for job opportunities in the United Kingdom, the UK Skilled Worker Visa is an excellent option to consider. This visa allows you to work legally in the UK for up to five years initially, and you can also extend it beyond that. Our experts will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the UK Skilled Worker Visa, including the eligibility criteria, application process, and the benefits it provides.

The UK Skilled Work Visa serves as a route for adept experts to both reside and engage in work within the United Kingdom. If you are contemplating the prospect of embarking on a journey toward captivating career prospects in the UK, this all-encompassing manual will furnish you with vital insights pertaining to the Skilled Work Visa. Ranging from the prerequisites for eligibility to the steps involved in the application process and noteworthy factors to bear in mind, let's delve into the particulars.

The position you're presented with must align with a skill level of RQF Level 3 or higher (equivalent to A-level or beyond). Several roles listed in the UK Shortage Occupation List possess less stringent criteria. If your occupation is included in this list, you might be exempt from specific prerequisites.

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    Affiliated with companies that are at least 7 years old as a sponsor. Partnered companies are registered on the UK government's portal.

  • 30-45 Days Of Visa Process

    Certificate of Sponsorship issuance and biometric data collection within the specified timeframe. UK visa application procedure under both Standard and Expedited services.

  • Certificate Of Sponsorship From A Licensed Employer

    Companies categorized by grades acting as sponsors. Sponsorship endorsement granted based on Shortage Occupation criteria.

  • End To End The Documentation Process

    Assists in the complete visa application process for both the primary applicant and their family, including necessary documentation.

  • Post Landing Job Assistance (T&C)

    Collaboration with K Recruiters for job assistance. Providing CV recommendations within the UK context.


The United Kingdom is home to a variety of global communities, offering foreign workers a welcoming environment. With its wide range of industries, favorable work settings, and abundant job prospects, it's no wonder the UK stands as a favored choice for skilled IT professionals aiming to launch their careers.